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System Integration

System Integration

Universal Technical LLC on behalf of our principals has the capacity to provide automated inspections and maintenance routines, access control and identification solutions, pressure and flow monitoring solutions, and system integration.


Asset Management Solution

SafeEx is a Danish company who developed SafeEx software which increase safety, reduce cost and assist management by automating inspections and maintenance routines. They use RFID technology, handheld devices and a management module that will give full transparency to decision makers.

SafeEx is developed by passion and Engineers from the field with one aim – “to develop a unique, workable, safe and user friendly maintenance system”

We offers our customers following benefits:


A range of battery- and mains-powered Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) that offer great flexibility, unparalleled reliability and scalability for use with countless applications.

Designed to save money, time and reduce risk; they are globally operational on NB-IoT/ Cat-M1, 3G and GSM/GPRS networks.

It improves process efficiency, reducing costs, enabling our customers to meet regulatory requirements and implementing some of the most innovative solutions that integrate telemetry with business systems.