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Environmental & Process Equipment


Universal Technical provides services for our clients in the water/ waste water and industrial sectors.

We design, size and assemble Sewage Treatment equipment, dosing skids, pumps skids in addition to other water/waste water treatment solutions.


Sewage Treatment Equipment

Our supply scope is inclusive of well known Water & Solid Treatment products:

Water Hammer Reduction Devices

World-class technology in the area of pressure maintenance including water hammer reduction devices.

Water Hammering Surge Protection System

Pressure Maintaining System

Steam Traps

Steam Traps from THERMAL ENERGY International Inc. (GEM Traps) is an ADNOC approved industrial energy efficiency solution which benefits minimum of the following:

Permanent Energy Savings

10% to 30% permanent reduction in steam costs

Excellent Return on Investment

Payback typically ranges from 1 to 2 years

Ultimate Reliability

10 years No-Fail Performance Guarantee

Increased Production

Faster system warm up = quicker batch times


A wide range of customized skids as per project requirements