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Value Added Services

We, Universal Technical LLC (UTL), provide the best after sales services to our valued customers with the extensive support of our partner Rotork and we do sizing, assembling, testing, supplying and commissioning complete package of ESD Valves, MOVs, SDVs, CVAs with Fire Proof and Pneumatic Control Panel, where applicable.

Being Sole agent of Rotork Products in the UAE & well known valves, we serves Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Utility sectors. Our value added services included retrofitting, refurbishment & maintain, health check & prventive maitenance, etc., for all types those falls in our product range.

Actuated Valves (MOVs, ESDVs, etc.)

UTL has successfully supplied & commissioned a considerable number of Actuated Valves suitable for process conditions of the operation. We have a wide range of all types valves and actuators packages suitable for all kind of requirements.

Our Advantage
  • Single Source ESD Valves, MOVs, SDVs, CVAs with Fire Proof and Pneumatic Control Panel,
  • Technically competitive products such as Rotork, Camtech Valves, Alcatraz, etc.
  • Factory Trained Engineers for Installation & Commissiong and Extended Warranty for supplied products
  • Competent Local support at any time
  • Cost-Effective Retrofit solution for Actuated Valves.

UTL is capable of offering complete packages for the MOV/ESDVs/SDVs/CVAs suitable for the requirement.


UTL with their principals support (Rotork, Alcatraz, Camtech, etc) have a wealth of experience in fitting actuators to valves, penstocks or dampers that are already installed as part of existing plant. Whether you are replacing obsolete actuators/MOVs, changing power source or motorizing manual valves we are able to offer tailor made solutions designed to comply with your exact requirements.

Retrofitting actuators to valves in the line is a safe and cost effective solution that minimises plant disruption. Working from basic valve data we are able to offer a full sizing service that matches actuator models to the valves’ requirements. We carry out full and detailed site surveys, collecting all the dimensions needed to design the mechanical components that will mount the new actuator to the existing valve.

The design service is backed by a factory-trained installation team who are able to mechanically install, cable and commission the actuators as well as assisting with the integration into your plant control system.


Our strength in Value Added Service is our service response & support for our customers for all types of actuator (electric, pneumatic and hydraulic). Our support can be planned or in response to an emergency situation.

Our field engineers perform a number of different tasks for customers:

  • Installation and commissioning of actuators to ensure they are correctly set up.
  • Upgrading actuators e.g. the installation of additional cards.
  • The installation and commissioning of network/ bus systems.
  • The inspection and repair of damaged/ deteriorating actuators.
  • The emergency repair of actuators.
  • Servey and services related to fire proofing for valves

In all our work we only use original parts as ensuring the continued operation of actuators is of critical importance. Additionally, all our engineers are well trained in the factory & hold all the appropriate safety qualifications and we ensure that all work is carried out correctly.


Like all industrial plant, our products are often exposed to hostile environments or at times can be stressed or damaged by unpredictable events. As a result, for customers who want to maximise their plant operability we offer health check and preventative maintenance services.

Customers who are currently making use of this offering find that:

  • The reliability of the actuators on their plant is increased
  • Problems are found before they affect operation
  • Overall maintenance costs decline as our operatives are much quicker at working on our equipment and associated communication bus systems • Small repairs are done on the spot avoiding the need for intrusive
  • Large repairs can be scheduled at a convenient time limiting the impact on operations
  • Costs can be controlled and confidently predicted to allow for realistic budgeting.

A health check and the first step of a preventative maintenance contract involves a detailed assessment of the actuators and the updating of the customer’s asset register of MOVs. If an asset register doesn’t currently exist we create it. Against this database we record historic information from our own manufacturing databases (eg build specification and date), inspection data and performance data, which over time helps identify the start of any deterioration in specific MOVs and their associated communication systems

Mechanical Valve Interlocks

UTL as exclusive supplier & service provider of Alcatraz Interlocks, have supplied, commissioned & serviced mechanical valve interlocks in national oilfields.

Alcatraz Interlocks are based on their patented key & lock design which eliminates the chances of human-error in the operation of valve sequences in systems like Pig Traps, PSV systems, IG systems, etc.

Our services include:

  • Operational & functional check/evaluation of installed interlocks
  • Data Collection for supply/replacement of interlocks
  • Installation & Commissioning of quarter-turn/multi-turn interlocks
  • Onsite modification on interlock brackets, if necessary.
  • Authorized/Experienced Engineers for the Service support
  • Supply of interlocks suitable for all type & kind of valves with minimum maintenance with extensive life time.


Our staff and facilities are specialized in the following:

  • Full services for all types of Alcatraz valve interlocks and product
  • Factory trained, experienced and authorized service engineers
  • Site repairs and commissioning
  • Field site services
  • In-house workshop services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Operational and functional check/evaluation of installed interlocks
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Data collection for supply/replacement of faulty/aging interlocks

GEM Steam Traps

Being the exclusive supplier of GEM Steam Traps, our service team is specialized in carrying out the service support that includes:

  • Full Service support for Thermal Energy GEM steam traps
  • Fully trained, experienced, and authorized service engineers
  • Extensive Site Survey for
    • Evaluate the state of steam system at site
    • Identify failed steam traps leading to water hammering
    • Monitor the condition of steam traps using Infrared thermometer.
  • Supply of GEM traps
  • Installation supervision and commissioning
  • Field Site Services
  • Monitor the performance of the supplied GEM steam traps