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IT & System Integration

UNIVERSAL TECHICAL on behalf of our principles has the capability to undertake turnkey projects for most automation requirement including SCADA, Safety Systems (ESD and F&G), turbine & compressor control systems,Simulatin and telecommunication system integration.

UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL is fully instrumental and capable of bringing value added in the following discipline: -

  • SCADA ,Te lemetry Systems
  • High speed broad band wireless communications
  • Industrial Communications and Networking Systems
  • Turbine Control System
  • BMS Boiler Management System
  • F&G Fire & Gas Detection System
  • ESD Emergency & Process Shut Down System
  • Control System ( PLC, DCS )
  • Control & Instrument Panels
  • SIL Certified Intrinsic Safety Barriers
  • MIS Systems
  • Instrumentation Panels and Field Equipment


CIM D’Equipement is an automation systems providers based in Morocco. They have the mission to delight their loyal customers with most recent automation systems by providing them optimal and pragmatic solutions for their industrial processes :

  • Control System Upgrades
  • Anti-Surge Control System Upgrades
  • Integrated Control System
  • Field Instrumentations revamping and Upgrades
  • Petroleum Products Loading Terminals Upgrades
  • Engineering and Commissioning
  • Functional Safety Integrity Assessment and Improvement
  • Fire and Gas Detection and Alarming Systems
  • Competences and Resources Skill sets Improvement

GEBHARDT Automation offers highly available automation and safety systems with scalable redundancy and up to SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level) for industrial use. They are proven leaders with over 700 installations worldwide, primarily in the sectors of compressors, expands and steam turbines.

  • Automation & Safety Systems
  • SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level)
  • More than 700 Installations worldwide

PROGEA is a visualization and automation software company that offers open and standard software architecture designed to improve productivity, reduce integration times, operating costs and optimize asset utilization. Their vast experience and know-how provides the best SCADA/HM1 software technologies for every civil & industrial automation necessity.

  • Visualization and automation software
  • Open & standard software architecture
  • Improving productivity & reduce integration times
  • Tool for operating cost control & asset utilization, optimization
  • Best SCADA/HM1 software technologies

SafeEx is a Danish company who developed SafeEx software which increase safety, reduce cost and assist management by automating inspections and maintenance routines. They use RFID technology, handheld devices and a management module that will give full transparency to decision makers

SafeEx is developed by passion and Engineers from the field with one aim - "to develop a unique, workable, safe and user friendly maintenance system" We offers our customers following benefits:

  • A flexible system built up in modules which meet all maintenance tasks
  • Systems developed by Engineer from the field - we know what works
  • Short Return of Investment
  • Easy to reach and positive thinking
  • High end support, upgrade and daily sparring
  • This division is also specialized in Hardware & Software, Annual Maintenance & Support Contract (AMC), Network Consulting & Design (LAN & W A N), Installation Integration and Tuning, Data Storage & Backup Solutions, Security / Data Protection, Product Fulfillment, Disaster Recover y , Consultancy on IT & Telecommunication.

CALMELL, since 1970, date of creation of the group, focused its activities on graphic products manufacturing as well as specific software and hardware developments for any access, identification and security fields

Widest range of products in the market

  • Contact & Contactless cards
  • Dual Cards, memory cards
  • ASIC Cards
  • Microprocessor cards
  • E-ticket, Security holograms

CALMELL is leader on market of magnetic, optic and chip cards dedicated to:

  • Public transport
  • Tolls & Car parks
  • Identification & access control
  • Leisure & Culture (pool, theatre, cinema, museums, etc.

VECTOR Infotech has complete industrial IT system solutions include industrial communications and networking system, hardware, software, and engineering services, extending to total turnkey communication system packages. Their Integrated telecommunication solutions encompass the following scope:

  • PA/GA, Paging & Intercom Systems
  • CCTV / Surveillance Solutions
  • PABEX / Telephony Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Microwave Radio Systems
  • VSAT Satellite Communications Networks
  • UHF/VHF Trunk Radio Communications Systems
  • LAN/WAN Networks
  • Fiber Optics Networks
  • WiFi Networks
  • GPS Master Clock Systems
  • Lightning & Surge Protection Solutions

XEONET Co Ltd., has developed various and reliable products in the field of industrial automation and power plant control with the best system experts in the country.

  • Early Warning System
  • Sequence of Event System (Soe)
  • Maint. Service To Power Industries
  • Dcsi/o Boards
  • Tube Temperature Monitoring System
  • Remote Monitoring & Control System
  • Control Relay Test System
  • Ge Energy Smart Signal Shield
  • Osi Soft Pi System