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Environmental & Process Equipment

Universal Technical provides Value added services for our clients in the water/ waste water and industrial sectors.

We design, size and assemble dour Control Packages, dosing skids , pumps skids in addition to other water/waste water treatment solutions.


ESTRUAGUA is one of the well known Water & Solid Treatment experts. They supply & support for the following:

  • Screens, Chain Filters, Sand Filters
  • Penstocks and Lock Gates
  • Mixers , Grit Removal , Scrappers
  • Belt Thickeners –Belt Filter Press
  • Aeration Turbine, Water Treatment Plants
  • Oil Separators, Compacters, Concentrators etc

FLOWTECH Co. Ltd. provides world-class technology in the area of pressure maintenance including water hammer reduction devices.

  • Surge analysis
  • Surge Vessels
  • Control Panel
  • Commissioning (field surge test) & Maintenance
  • Integrator in Water Hammer Protection System

THERMAL ENERGY International Inc. (GEM Traps) is an established global provider of industrial energy efficiency solutions and a fully accredited professional engineering firm.

  • Permanent Energy Savings : 10% to 30% permanent reduction in steam costs
  • Excellent Return on Investment : Payback typically ranges from 1 to 2 years
  • Ultimate Reliability : 10 years No-Fail Performance Guarantee
  • Increased Production : Faster system warm up = quicker batch times
  • Minimal Maintenance : No moving parts – no trap failures = minimal downtime
  • Increase safety : No water hammer or condensate back-up from failed traps
  • Greater Control of Heat Output : Self-regulating vs opening and closing of mechanical trap valves
  • Superior Service : GEM Traps are individually sized for your requirements