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Environmental & Process Equipment

Universal Technical provides Value added services for our clients in the water/ waste water and industrial sectors.

We design, size and assemble dour Control Packages, dosing skids , pumps skids in addition to other water/waste water treatment solutions.


ESTRUAGUA is one of the well known Water & Solid Treatment experts. They supply & support for the following:

  • Screens, Chain Filters, Sand Filters
  • Penstocks and Lock Gates
  • Mixers , Grit Removal , Scrappers
  • Belt Thickeners –Belt Filter Press
  • Aeration Turbine, Water Treatment Plants
  • Oil Separators, Compacters, Concentrators etc

YANGZHOU Yoki Electric Co.,Ltd. was established in 1978, mainly engaged in electric heating tracing system and electric heating system of technical advice, system design and product manufacturing, installation and construction services.

  • Electric Vaporizer
  • Electric Boiler
  • Electric Circulation Heater
  • Electric Immersion Heater
  • Electric Radiation Heater
  • Electric Conduction Heater
  • Electric Steam Generator
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Electric Heat Tracing Cable

FLOWTECH Co. Ltd. provides world-class technology in the area of pressure maintenance including water hammer reduction devices.

  • Surge analysis
  • Surge Vessels
  • Control Panel
  • Commissioning (field surge test) & Maintenance
  • Integrator in Water Hammer Protection System

SHAWNDRA Products™, Inc. has provided air and gas filters for critical industrial applications for more than 30 years.

  • Asme Code Pressure Filter Vessels
  • R100 Horizontal Pipeline Coalesces
  • Replacement Filter Elements
  • Air Intake/Sheet Metal Housings
  • Vacuum Filter Vessels (Non-code)

KGC Engineering Projects Private Limited designs, manufactures and erects static equipment,each built to fulfil code and client individual requirements for both onshore and off shore use.

  • Power Sector
  • Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Petro Chemical
  • Marine On Shore – Offshore
  • Process Industry – Fertilizers, Cement, etc
  • Heavy Fabrication

THERMAL ENERGY International Inc. (GEM Traps) is an established global provider of industrial energy efficiency solutions and a fully accredited professional engineering firm.

  • Permanent Energy Savings : 10% to 30% permanent reduction in steam costs
  • Excellent Return on Investment : Payback typically ranges from 1 to 2 years
  • Ultimate Reliability : 10 years No-Fail Performance Guarantee
  • Increased Production : Faster system warm up = quicker batch times
  • Minimal Maintenance : No moving parts – no trap failures = minimal downtime
  • Increase safety : No water hammer or condensate back-up from failed traps
  • Greater Control of Heat Output : Self-regulating vs opening and closing of mechanical trap valves
  • Superior Service : GEM Traps are individually sized for your requirements

PNC Co Ltd., has 30 years of experience in environmental sector. PNC is a company that can provide a ONE-STOP source – service of sales, manufacturing, installation, construction and follow up management.

  • Clean Filter Division – Clean Air Filter, EDM Filter (Electric Discharge Machine)
  • Clean Room Division – ICR (Industrial Clean room), BCR (Bio Clean Room)

AKFEL is specialized in providing EPC works, consultancy & supervision, and manufacturing activities for oil & gas, as well as power industries. It offers the highest quality in piping and plant construction; from engineering, fabrication to commissioning and O&M.

  • Compressor Skids
  • Fuel Gas System skids
  • Fiscal Metering
  • Flow Metering
  • HIPPS Skids
  • Skids for Storage Facilities
  • Skids for Ship Loading/ Unloading Facilities
  • Skids for LNG Facilities
  • Skids for Gas Processing Plants
  • Gas Preheating Stations for Power Plants
  • Pipeline Networks

ASTURI has large fabrication area (fabrication yard 43,713m2 and land 127,840m2). Asturi has become one of the top fabricator for the oil & gas industry in Malaysia. It has grown and matured into a well known business entry. It's business expansion to date has allowed Asturi to offer a complete range of services to its clients.

  • Pressure Vessel Upto 200mm
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Process Skids
  • Flare Stocks
  • Engineering & Design Services